Unsaid lotto winning strategies

Boost your chances of winning lotto

Unsaid lotto winning strategies .Certain strategies can improve your chances of winning the lottery in a significant fashion. That’s where we come in to let you know what are the strategies you can use to win millions in the lottery games.Have a look below
Strategy #1  Go for smaller lotteries
When you are buying lotto tickets  such as OZ LOTTO , do your research work. There are many lotteries which attract fewer entries. This means you are actually competing with very few people and thus your chances of winning the lottery increase manifold. Moreover, when you have a small set of numbers from which you need to select the five numbers; it is easier to win the game.
Strategy #2 – Pick Your Own Numbers
Don’t go for the quick pick styles. The chances of the numbers being manipulated are more. The general concept is that randomly generated tickets are supposed to cover all the numbers, but in reality, it hardly happens. Hence, you are at a disadvantage from the beginning.
Strategy #3 –  Go for numbers  which are normally higher than 31
Research shows that lotto players select birthdays as their numbers. It can be the player’s birthdate or that of his loved ones and family members. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. But if you follow the results of previous draws, you will find that numbers between 1 and 31 always had a lower dividend. So, if you wish to win bigger prize amounts opt for numbers above 31. Your chances will improve significantly.
Strategy #4 – Pool your collective amount to buy the lotto ticket
Every lotto player has the same chance of winning the lottery like you. But, if you pool in your ticket money with other players and then play the game, your chances of winning are more. Out of the three immutable laws of lotto, one important rule is when you spend more dollars on the tickets, your winning chances increase. So, form a group of friends or co-workers and pool your collective lotto amount to buy the ticket. Share the winning money. It is better to win something rather than nothing.

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