Meet Tommy Townsend, the Chiefs punter with the best hair in Super Bowl 55

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If the Chiefs’ offense is humming, Tommy Townsend’s most prominent duty is holding for extra points and field goals. But that’s just the side job for the player with the best hair in Super Bowl 55 — Townsend’s main role is as Kansas City’s punter.
Unlike most of the Chiefs’ roster, Townsend wasn’t around last season for the Super Bowl 54 win. He was still playing at Florida. But he’s joined Kansas City this season and made a major impact whenever Andy Reid decides to play the field position game. Punter fits the bill as the position you don’t really notice unless there’s a mistake, but there’s no need to worry about missing Towsnend — you’ll at least spot his hair.

Here’s more of what you need to know about Townsend ahead of Super Bowl 55.1. Tommy Townsend’s hair is a Twitter favoriteThe handle @TowsendsHair was apparently a good idea that wasn’t kept up, as the account hasn’t sent out any tweets. But it’s not uncommon to see Townsend temporarily trend during prime-time Chiefs games due to his flowing orange/red hair.There’s just one thing Townsend asks: Don’t compare it to Trevor Lawrence’s hair.”One thing that I actually don’t like, and I can’t stand, is this: The first couple of times people made the Trevor Lawrence joke was OK, but now it’s kinda like just old and over used and unoriginal now,” Townsend said in September. “It’s like, ‘Come on. Give me something better than that.’”2. Townsend’s a solid punterIt’s hard to measure punting skill when a punter is part of a good offense. There are less punts, and even the punts that happen often take place further down the field and are more about pinning the offense than unleashing a bomb.Townsend’s got both clubs in his bag, though, if you will. His longest punt as a rookie was 67 yards, tied for sixth in the NFL. He also pinned 20 of his 52 punts inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, the third-most of any player with that few number of punts.Townsend twice averaged more than 44 yards per punt at Florida, too, so he’s got a good enough leg to make a difference when it matters.3. Punting is in his bloodTownsend is only the second brother in his family to make the NFL. The first was Johnny Townsend, who punted in 2018 for the Raiders and played in one game for the Ravens in 2020.“The NFL is a very competitive and it’s really tough to make it. I’m blessed to be in the position I am,” Tommy Townsend said in September. “Obviously, it would be amazing if both of us could be playing in the NFL.”4. Tommy Townsend can throw it a bit, and tackle, tooHow bold would Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy have to be to call a fake-punt pass in the Super Bowl? Very. But at least there’s evidence that Townsend can throw.
On Nov. 2 against the Jets, Townsend threw a 13-yard completion to receiver Byron Pringle, good enough for a first down.Townsend also doesn’t mind joining the scrum as a tackler. He earned a targeting penalty during college, although it was taken back upon review.Who knows what Townsend will do next? All that’s certain is he’ll do it while rocking some beautiful hair.

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